How to use the referral code?

Whenever a friend of yours uses your link or referral code, each of you will receive a €10 discount on your next appointment.

How to invite friends?

1. Copy your referral link.

2. Send to your friends and inform them to click on the link. Then, they create a SOKURA account.

3. You will get a 10€ coupon when a friend you referred does the 1st booking.

What actions your friends have to take?

1. Click on the referral link.

2. Create a SOKURA account.

3. Your friend will receive a coupon in his email, then write the code in the basket/checkout in order to get the discount on your 1st booking.

How to book a treatment?

Go to:,  then BOOK (in the upper right corner), than search for TREATMENTS or THERAPISTS.

If you search for TREATMENTS, choose your location, then the treatment that best suits your needs. Clicking on the treatment a list of therapists available appear in that area. Select a therapist to see the availability and choose the day, hour and minutes of the session.

Click BOOK NOW to make a secure online payment. Don’t forget to accept the terms and conditions.

Can I choose another therapist?

To cancel or reschedule a booking, email to:, up to 24 hours before the agreed time.

How do I pay for the booking?

We accept online payments via MB Way, Multibanco, Mastercard, Visa and Paypal. Payment in cash is not accepted.

Can I tip the therapist?

It is not mandatory to tip the therapist, but you can tip in cash.

How to collect and use SOKURA POINTS?

How to collect and use SOKURA POINTS:

Share your referral link with people your friends and on your online social media channels, for each account registration you get 25 points, if your referree books a massage or orders a gift card you get 50 points. Points can be traded in from 100 points for 10€ discount on your purchases!

Your referee also gets 25 points when creating an account and 50 points on first booking!

For each booking or giftcard order you get 25 Points!

If you have enough points during checkout you will be able to trade in your points during you booking!

during treatment

I'm pregnant, can I get a massage?

You can schedule a specialized massage treatment for Pregnant Women, which will be modified according to the stage of your pregnancy. Massage during pregnancy can only be performed after the first trimester (3 months of pregnancy) and will be performed by a therapist trained in this type of massage therapy.

You will need to indicate in the clinical record how many weeks of pregnancy you have, during the appointment of the treatment. If you are in the first trimester, therapeutic body massage CANNOT be done. The therapist will have to adapt a massage eg. scalp massage, arm massage, facial massage, reflexology (avoiding certain pressure areas), as the treatment has been paid for and the amount cannot be refunded. If the therapist arrives and the client refuses what is proposed by the therapist, there is no refund of what has already been paid.

If you have any questions, we recommend that you consult a doctor before scheduling your pregnancy massage.

Can I share the treatment with someone?

Each treatment is booked per person – a treatment cannot be shared between multiple people. If you want to arrange a consecutive or couple meeting, this can be done before paying on the site, adding more than one treatment to the cart or contacting us at

Can I extend the treatment?

If the client finds that the scheduled time is not enough, he can extend this time with the support of the therapist who immediately informs the SOKURA platform to generate a manual payment method that can be paid by ATM or MBWay. This payment has to be made with the therapist still on site to give confirmation of payment (and before the time extension session).

What to wear during the massage?

It is mandatory to wear underwear during the treatment. Even if the treatment requires a shower after the exfoliation, you must wear underwear.

At the beginning, after showing the therapist the place for the couch and the couch is prepared, the therapist leaves the place so that the client can undress in privacy. At the end of the treatment, the therapist will leave the room again to allow the client to stand up slowly and sideways to avoid dizziness and get dressed (if necessary and with the client’s permission, the therapist can support the client to leave the couch, for some motor difficulty).

Attention: All SOKURA services are entirely therapeutic and non-sexual. Requests to be improperly discovered will not be tolerated by the therapist and he has the right to leave without providing treatment, should an embarrassing situation arise. The customer will be charged the full amount of the treatment.

What pressure can be applied for the massage?

The pressure applied depends on the treatment you have selected.

At the start of the treatment, the therapist will ask the client a few simple questions to tailor the treatment to their needs and preferences.

During treatment, feel free to talk to your therapist about the pressure, and tell immediately, if you experience any pain.

Can I put music on?

Yes and the client chooses the music according to his/her taste. SOKURA made a list of relaxing songs on Youtube, trying to cover different vibrations for the treatment.

click here, to listen to this list.

Does the massage therapist provide the oils?

Yes, it is important to know if the client has allergies, and when the client makes an appointment, he records this information in the technical form, or communicates it to the therapist before the treatment.

Do oils stain towels?

No, they are massage oils and they are prepared for the purpose. If the client uses some bronzer or some color cream before the treatment, it is possible that the towels will appear stained, as the application of the oil releases the product applied before. If this happens, it is advisable to dry the towels in the sun after washing them. And when dry, keep them in the sun to make the stain disappear.

How to prepare for a massage?

1 – Remember to check your appointment details. Make sure your address is correct and make sure you schedule the right treatment.

2 – Help your therapist and fill out the “clinical form”: Informing any pre-existing conditions or if you have had any allergic reaction to similar treatments in the past; inform about parking options near you, share specific directions or instructions to enter at your home or scheduled location.

One hour before:

– Prepare your space: In the case of a massage, make sure there is enough space to place the couch, leaving enough space for the therapist to move around it – a space of 2 x 2 m is ideal.

– Prepare two large towels and one small towel (this one to use as a headrest).

– Prepare your body to relax: Relax your muscles with a hot bath or shower.

after treatment