Yvens S

Yvens S is passionate about people and making them well is his mission. Therefore, Yvens uses manual shiatsu, deep tissue, relaxation and sports therapies. With a vast know-how in rehabilitation and pain cure, he offers his patients the best of his 21 years of experience and dedication to others.

Vanda A.

Due to her fantastic know-how, Vanda has learned the power of an excellent massage, and how to provide others with moments of stress release from the body and mind. Her strong sensitivity helps Vanda to use therapies according to the needs of each patient.

Elisa S.

In massage, Elisa seeks relaxation and connection with physical and spiritual well-being to improve the client’s emotional and physical pain.
She also has experience in foot reflexology, pregnancy massage, aromatherapy and body exfoliation.

Raquel P.

Raquel has a great experience in home treatments, from 2009. She is fluent in Portuguese, English and French languages. For Raquel, massage is a way of providing well-being, relieving pain and increasing mobility. Raquel is very focused and during the treatment, she tries to listen to the body and adapt the techniques to client’s needs.

Pedro C.

Pedro believes that the health of the body and mind can be combined with the energies of touch, in relieving stress or reducing pain.

Kellen S.

Kellen always seeks to meet the needs of the body and mind, in order to calm, relax or energise those seeking her treatment.

Stephanie S.

Stephanie has been licensed as a therapist since 2020. Her main goal is to help clients relax and calm down in stressful situations. Reflexology is her best therapy as she finds blocked points on feet and undo them easily.

Shirley S.

Shirley applies techniques from different therapies for each treatment, in order to obtain better results, whether in relieving pain or simply improving general well-being.