Pedro C.

Pedro believes that the health of the body and mind can be combined with the energies of touch, in relieving stress or reducing pain.

Kellen S.

Kellen always seeks to meet the needs of the body and mind, in order to calm, relax or energise those seeking her treatment.

Stephanie S.

Stephanie has been licensed as a therapist since 2020. Her main goal is to help clients relax and calm down in stressful situations. Reflexology is her best therapy as she finds blocked points on feet and undo them easily.

Shirley S.

Shirley applies techniques from different therapies for each treatment, in order to obtain better results, whether in relieving pain or simply improving general well-being.

What is the best diet?

vegetarian diet

The 1st of November is the celebration of the vegetarian day. The perfect diet for you will be based on what you personally need and what you’re aiming to achieve.

10 tips to boost the immune system in the winter months

With the arrival of winter, people exchange thin knitwear for warm clothes to protect themselves from the cold and flu. Even though, we are never protected from getting sick. Therefore, it is important to strengthen the immune system in the winter months. In this sense, we have prepared 10 essential tips to protect yourself from […]

How to use the referral code?

Whenever a friend of yours uses your link or referral code, each of you will receive a €10 discount on your next appointment. How to invite friends? 1. Copy your referral link. 2. Send to your friends and inform them to click on the link. Then, they create a SOKURA account. 3. You will get […]

Do massage oils stain the towels?

No, they are massage oils and are prepared for this purpose. If the client uses an artificial tanner or color cream before the treatment, it is possible that the towels may appear stained, as the application of the oil releases the product applied beforehand. If this happens, it is advisable to dry the towels in […]

Can I play music for client?

Yes, the music depends on customers taste. SOKURA selected a list of relaxing music on Youtube, trying to encompass different vibrations for treatment. Client chooses own the music. Click aqui to listen the music.