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The platform was born as a response to emerging challenges, developing and offering a professional and therapeutic service to the client (at home or in the office), at a distance of a simple click. HOW IT ALL BEGAN After completing a season on a cruise where I worked as a therapist, I returned to Portugal in the midst of a pandemic. A few days after my arrival I felt the urgent need for therapy. After consulting some therapists, the best I could get was an appointment for 3 days later. On the day of the appointment, and with the worsening of the situation, I had a lot of difficulty going to the therapist, and I thought how good it would be for the therapist to be able to come to my house to carry out the treatment. Then came an idea! That was put into practice and with great pleasure it became true. SOKURA was born, a platform where you can have a therapist in your home when you need it most.
"I hope that my problem helps solving yours."
- Sónia Cardoso, CEO of SOKURA


Provide solutions to our customer’s problems and concerns in a safe, practical and fast way. Connect professional therapists to clients, creating synergies of wellbeing and mutual trust. We have the ambition to build a more responsible, inclusive and sustainable business, taking an active role in the transition to a conscious future.


  • Transparency and integrity
  • Respect for the customer
  • Innovation and constant research in the treatments used
  • Respect for equality and equity in relationships with others
  • Team work
  • Constant commitment to the fight for goals
  • Preservation of the environment and social responsibility

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